Mission Automobile Tracking

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Mission Automobile Tracking

Postby rgilgen-p40 » Sat Mar 07, 2009 9:09 am

I'm currently serving a mission (senior missionary) and have tried to help the office fleet coordinator with the software he is using to track automobiles and to (for example) print out inspection reports. I've forgotten the name of the program (something like TAD) but I have found it to be really clunky. For example, even if you specify to print a report to another printer, it always prints to the Windows default printer. Also, what should be relatively easy... printing to a multipart form, apparently requires a very specific printer ($350) and can't be adjusted to work with any other printer.

Does anyone know who developed this, or anything about how we might get something working? Our local office missionary (senior) is tearing his hair out... over two days just to get inspection reports printed.

To me it looks like something that was outsourced, with little oversight as to functionality.

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