Interactive Personal Progress page in more languages

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Interactive Personal Progress page in more languages


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I have been in my calling with the young women for almost a year and just recently discovered the Personal Progress website--because it is not available in German (we just get a .pdf of the booklet). I am so impressed with the interactive (current English/Spanish) version of Personal Progress and would love to help to get this site up and running in German. I know enough programming to get my way around.

If I am posting in the wrong area, please point me in the right direction. I am new to LDSTech.

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Re: Interactive Personal Progress page in more languages


Post by mevans »

Hello, and welcome. We are a peer-to-peer community. Occasionally, some people who work for the church drop in and participate, but not that often. To get your suggestion heard, you should use the "Feedback" link at the bottom of the English page on

Your suggestion will be heard by the appropriate people, but there's no guarantee the church will implement it. Since the page has been implemented, it's mostly a translation effort from the church, so that's easier, but it's still an effort that likely needs to be requested by the Young Women organization at church headquarters.

In this comment in the Lesson Schedules forum a few years ago, sbradshaw (who does not work for the church, but is generally pretty accurate in his posts) included German as one of the first 10 languages the church will translate, so maybe there's hope some hope you could get it soon. A request from you on Feedback may help. A request from your stake president to his priesthood leaders may also help.
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