Special Project for the Visually Impaired

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Special Project for the Visually Impaired

Postby fdtilley1 » Mon May 08, 2017 4:40 am

This past weekend was Stake Conference, and here in the Rocklin CA Stake, I was humbled to see and hear and meet a Representative from the Fifth Quorum of Seventies, Brother Murray. His comments as well as the others those two days gave to me a belief that this really was the Right Place to Be to learn of the Lord's Plan and what we can do to show the Lord that we want to be part. As a visitor newly taking the missionary lessons, I was most impressed when Brother Murray asked a member in the congregation who was visually impaired to come to the podium and bear his testimony. It took assistance from a family member to get there, but the spiritual charge to my depleted batteries showed me why the spirit so moved Brother Murray to ask this member to share with us all just why we gather and strengthen each other. At the end of the session, I felt like asking myself just what I could do to help this brother enjoy more the world the Lord has given us all. As a retired state worker who helped take care of the downtown Sacramento State buildings, I remembered that the CA State Library at 900 N Street has underused facilities that always made me feel better when I was there. The building has a fragrance garden with walkways and flowers and plants suitable for touching and smelling, with a small water feature for restful contemplative moments. The Grounds staff for the State does a wonderful job in maintaining the facility and it is used extensively by both the sighted and and the impaired of our community. I could not help but think of how wonderful to be able to know of a safe place that is friendly to both children and visually impaired persons. As I thought further, I also remembered that the State Library provides Talking Books services to provide audible transcriptions of thousands of books and magazines for the people in California, and provides players and postal delivery and return of the volumes for those who could enhance their lives by having access to these materials to bring light and happiness into their lives. I was once told that if reading material was requested that was not currently in the library, be it magazines or books, the library would find a way to get this material transcribed and on the shelf for listening and use by persons whose lives it could enhance. I am certain that the Church must already have this type of resource in place, but I do know that bringing a bit of joy to that one person is really what the Savior would want me to do. Thank you for allowing me to share and ask " what would Jesus do? "
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