Notebook Organization (suggestion)

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Notebook Organization (suggestion)


Post by morrisstout »

The current notebook format seems to be not user friendly in minimizing the number of notebooks one needs to study each lesson in each manual.
What I would hope for is:
Sunday School (main notebook) -Gospel Doctrine (1st section)-D&C (1st sub section)-Lesson 16 (final page where notes are stored).
Then the comments, highlights, notes, etc would be specific to the lesson and the tags would go across all notebooks. Then when the lesson repeats in 4 years I would be able to look at past notes, update (by hopefully learning more) and add to the learning experience. I could make a notebook with the above name but then I would have over 1,000 of them in just a years time with studying the scriptures and priesthood manual also. Am I missing something and this is possible now?
Thanks for your feedback & help.
I tried to submit this question via feedback but it appears it is not working (no message that comment was submitted) and if true, then you have several submittals and I would suggest a change to that system that when a comment is submitted (Do you have feedback) that the person getting the feedback get a response immediately that the feedback has been submitted/received.
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Re: Notebook Organization (suggestion)


Post by sbradshaw »

When you're viewing a chapter, all the notes that you created for that chapter should show up in the sidebar and can be referenced whenever you go back to the chapter. Is that what you're looking for?
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