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Discussions around the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch versions of the Gospel Library application.
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Alternative to Side Bar


Post by jkaroly »

I appreciate that the side bar was created to help give more visibility to the scripture references, but it makes it impossible (unless I'm missing something) to view the references/notes/JST at the same time you view the scripture. Ever since the introduction of the side bar, I've greatly missed the ability to see my notes, the JST, the references, the same time as I can see the scriptures. Is there any thought being made to allow people to switch from a side bar to having a split screen below the scripture like it was before?
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Re: Alternative to Side Bar


Post by sbradshaw »

If you're on a bigger phone (iPhone Plus) in landscape mode, or an iPad, you can keep the sidebar open on the right side of the screen, scrolling the main content and the related content together. This isn't currently possible on smaller iPhones, but you can send feedback through the app (Settings > Send Feedback) requesting the feature. Perhaps if enough people recommend it, it will be reconsidered. I think it'd be handy if the "pinned" sidebar was available for any phone size.
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