Houston temple closure

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Houston temple closure


Post by jcclone »

My fiancé and I were scheduled to be sealed in the Houston temple this November but now because of Harvey the temple is closed for maintance. I haven’t received any notifications about . Do I need to schedule in another temple ? Is there arrangements for this kinds of situations?
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Re: Houston temple closure


Post by johnshaw »

There isn't any conceivable way that this tech board is going to be helpful. Look up the Temple and call the number of the temple (It shows on the Website that the Temple will be closed at least through the end of December) - you must have called it at some point to schedule the sealing. If that doesn't get you what you need, then you'll need to work with a Stake President for them to call the Temple Department on what to do.
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Re: Houston temple closure


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That was helpful. And yes, either you will need to schedule in another temple, or you will need to wait until the Houston Temple opens again sometime next year. As johnshaw said, give the temple a call.
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