What is a wedding march?

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What is a wedding march?


Post by ticklegrass »

My daughter is having a civil marriage coming up in the next couple of weeks. We got permission from our Bishop who is performing the ceremony to have it in the chapel, but he said the wedding march is not appropriate. What is considered a wedding march? Is it the music - i.e. Here comes the bride...? Is it the procession of everyone walking in? I want to make sure we adhere to church policy, but am so very confused.

To make matters worse, the chapel only has entrances in the back, so it isn't like someone can simply walk in from the side without a procession of some sort down the aisle.

Any thoughts on this one?

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Re: What is a wedding march?


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I would guess he's referring to the bride and groom walking slowly down the isle followed by bridesmaids or groomsmen while music is playing. However, it would probably be best to talk to him for clarification as you're planning. He may prefer the bride and groom and others to come in with other guests and sit at the front before the marriage ceremony begins.
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