Authority to enter/edit Ward callings.

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Authority to enter/edit Ward callings.


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Does a Bishopric Counselor have authority in the system to enter or edit Ward callings?
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Re: Authority to enter/edit Ward callings.


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If 'the system' means LCR, in the 'Other' menu near the top of the page, there is an 'Access Table' item. That will display a (large) table of functions. By selecting an entry in the 'Select a Role' selection list, you can see which functions a given calling is able to do. I see 'Manage Callings' (in the 'Membership Information' block) showing as something a ward bishopric counselor should be able to do.

If those things are not working, perhaps your calling as counselor might have been entered as a custom calling rather than a standard calling.
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