Problems with My Study Tools

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Problems with My Study Tools


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I noticed over the past week a worsening of problems normally associated with My Study Tools:
#1 When I enter the scriptures after signing on, the line "My Study Tools is currently unavailable" pops up. I have learned to just shift to another chapter and then come back. That has made it disappear and I can highlight and make notes and put into tags or notebooks. Lately, the alert pops up with most chapters. If I am able to highlight a verse, I can't put it in a Notebook. The Notebook section for me is now blank. And yet, when I go into Open Notebook I can see the many notebooks I've created.
#2 After clicking on Open Notebooks, I find that ALL my tags are missing.
Using Windows 10 and Google Chrome. I've rebooted a number of times and tried these things again.
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