Communication Preferences

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Communication Preferences


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Are there plans to create a communications preferences function for members? Most modern apps let people opt in/out to specific types of communication. For example, the church does not need to mail me anything, I'll get it if they email it. Also, members who do not wish to be contacted could opt out. The ward and stake could create distribution lists based on those who wish to be contacted and not accidentally antagonize those who don't want to be contacted. I wonder if GDPR is a requirement for the church around this, at least in Europe? (

Also, any word of the church enabling group texts to be sent? As the rising generation has moved to adulthood, there are many church members in our ward, including Ward Council members, who rarely check their email or pick up a phone call, but will read texts right away. Would really help if the church apps could enable this.
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Re: Communication Preferences


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The church rarely announces plans ahead of time - only when released or release is imminent. You're just going to have to do the best with what's at hand and adapt when things change.

As for group texts, most cell phone providers limit the size of group texts that can be sent. So, changing the LDS Tools app wouldn't help. Short of engaging the services ($) of a service provider for doing that, I don't see group texts as happening.
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