Replacement to Primary Tools???

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Replacement to Primary Tools???

Postby Sparr_Tru » Sun Feb 04, 2018 4:38 pm

Many Primary Presidencies have found great use in external tools like Primary Tools ( Now this site is shutting down due to the Church enforcing no MLS data uploads into the tool.

Though I understand and support the need to protect membership information, the question is what now for these hard working Primary Presidencies (not to mention all the other groups that are using cloud based tools to organize their callings) who are left with no equivalent tools and regardless of policy are heading to Google Docs (and other online tools) to fill the void to manage their very dynamic environments. It seems like enforcing the policy on one front will create a much larger problem.

So I ask, what is being done to bridge the gap? Has LDSTech reviewed the useful functionality in Primary Tools to incorporate it in MLS or to plug this data security problem? I don't see how you can't add the tools that the Legal department has effectively made unavailable by their actions. Have you thought about pulling sites like Primary Tools under a SingleSignOn arrangement and automating the MLS data feed so that you can control the data and who has access? Seems like a reasonable happy medium and far less risky when compared to severe data control issue you are creating by not providing the needed tools while using the legal department to shutdown tools that have proved useful to members of the Church.

Please help protect our membership data by providing the tools we need rather just shutting down enterprising groups who are trying to help.

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Re: Replacement to Primary Tools???

Postby rmrichesjr » Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:26 pm

Sparr_Tru wrote: ... Has LDSTech reviewed the useful functionality in Primary Tools to incorporate it in MLS or to plug this data security problem? ...
By way of clarification, LDSTech (as in the website at is not the official software development organization for the Church. LDSTech is a user-to-user forum.

If I understand correctly, there are many more pieces of functionality that many people would like to have in LCR and such than there are resources available to develop such things. As a result, the decisions about what functionality to incorporate into LCR and such are made based on criticality of need rather than simply convenience and efficiency.

As suggested near the bottom of the front page on the referenced website, using the 'Feedback' button on will likely be the most effective way to request that new functionality be added to LCR. Another method would be to have Primary presidencies ask that their stake presidents to request such functionality up their reporting chain. If enough people request it via the 'Feedback' button, or if enough stake presidents ask for it, the requests will likely be noticed and perhaps implemented.

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