Historical Membership Information for Stake

Discuss questions around local unit policies for membership (creating records, transferring records, etc.) This forum should not contain specific financial or membership information.
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Historical Membership Information for Stake


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I am a ward clerk, but have been asked to participate request from our Stake President to create maps of how the growth (or lack of growth) has changed over the last decade in order to make decisions about the size and shape of the units in our stake.. The Stake Clerk has provided breakdown of each unit in our stake and the total numbers on members in each unit over time. It seems that what is actually wanted in more detailed information both spatially (our units are very large) and attribution (numbers of priesthood holders, children, etc). This seems like what would be needed would be address level information for families through time, which seems like it might be difficult to find. I wanted to know if anyone has been asked to prepare similar information and how they went about getting the data required?
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Re: Historical Membership Information for Stake


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Have you looked on Leader and Clerk Resources at past quarterly reports? That information may be useful.
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