Chronology of the Doctrine and Covenants

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Chronology of the Doctrine and Covenants


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I recognize that this forum may not be the appropriate place for my question, and if that is the case, please refer me to a more appropriate place. I really appreciate all of the work that has gone into and making the scriptures and so much information available. Here is my question: The Chronological Order of Contents says that Section 20 was written in April 1829, however, the Section heading says "Portions of this revelation may have been given as early as summer 1829." What is the reason for the minor time discrepancy between the two? Thanks for any response.
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Re: Chronology of the Doctrine and Covenants


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You may want to refer to the Institute manual

I didn't see it the first time, but one must pay attention to the dividing line between years. Although section 20 is above the "1830", it's between section 19 and 74 that you find the dividing line between 1829 and 1930. So, section 20 is listed as April 6, 1830, not 1829.
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Re: Chronology of the Doctrine and Covenants


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Re: Chronology of the Doctrine and Covenants


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It looks like the formatting of the table needs to be improved so it's more clear where one year ends and the next starts. That'd be a good thing to send as feedback.
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