Audio intermitent break up problem

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Audio intermitent break up problem


Post by mackley »

During our test broadcast last night, we experienced an intermittent audio break up problems. We have a two channel set-up on a Yamaha Mixer. One wireless lapel mic hooked to a choir microphone on ch. 1. Then ch. 2 is input for our podium mic from the building system. Choir mic works fine. We are experiencing total audio lose very sporadically, with no noticeable reason. With no adjustment from the mixer. We believe it's coming before the input into the mixer. Any suggestions?

As a side note: We had another test a couple of weeks prior, with no audio problems at all.
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Re: Audio intermitent break up problem


Post by russellhltn »

First, when you say the choir mic is ok, what are you basing that on? I'd want to try and rule out "coincidence". To troubleshot this as a "podium only" problem when in fact it affects both is going to send everyone in the wrong direction.

Second, it's probably normal for background sound to get muted if the podium is not in use. Good for everyone in the room but not so good when the remote site suddenly hears nothing.

While the cause could be anything, the most common issue by far is cabling and connectors. I'd wiggle everything during the test to make sure everything is solid. After that, it's a matter of troubleshooting. Test each part of the system to see what's affected and what's not.
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