Temple clothes at church?

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Temple clothes at church?


Post by partridges »

Wondering if I can use my temple top to wear to church. I need a white lacey top for a spring skirt for church. I cannot find anything modest enough online or in stores that is the right style. My temple blouse would be perfect. What if I buy a new temple blouse and use my old one for outside the temple? Is this just wishful thinking?
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Re: Temple clothes at church?


Post by eblood66 »

This is probably more a question for your bishop than on the forums. But I will point out that men regularly use the same white shirt both in the temple and outside.
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Re: Temple clothes at church?


Post by lajackson »

I am not aware of any reason that would keep you from doing as you suggest. I wear the same white shirts to church that I wear to the temple.

This is not really a technical question for the Forum. As eblood66 says, I would suggest a short visit with your bishop if you have questions concerning specific temple clothing that should not be worn outside the temple.
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