Need Help - Temple Ceremony Translation into Sinhala

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Need Help - Temple Ceremony Translation into Sinhala


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My parents are currently serving a mission in Sri Lanka. There are several members of the church planning on traveling to the nearest temple in Hong Kong for the first time. However, it doesn't sound like temple ceremonies have been translated into the native language of Sri Lanka (Sinhala) at this point. How do you make and keep sacred covenants if you don't understand the words or promises being made in the temple?? There are hundreds of returned missionaries in Sri Lanka who could assist with a translation. If anyone has contact information for the Language Department of the Church, please forward to my email address If anyone has any contacts that could assist with putting this project in motion, we would really appreciate it.
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Re: Need Help - Temple Ceremony Translation into Sinhala


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I believe that the most effective way to get this need before the right people is for their mission president to request assistance through his general authority channels. The mission president and stake presidents in the temple district are a part of a coordinating council that includes the temple president, and they will also be able to counsel together toward an effective solution.
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