identifying problems

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identifying problems


Post by jirp »

Yet again today there was a long stretch where the church websites were unavailable if a login was required. Go to log in for LCR, the seminary site, directory or maps and the login screen freezes and eventually the message website down for maintenance appears.

This problem usually happens roughly between about 10:30 AM mountain time and 2 PM with the worst of it being the hour just before lunch time.

Today our HC was trying to get youth seminary registrations done and an assignment for the youth on family search. It was nearly impossible. The seminary site logging in from the family history center computers(hardwired connection) was taking a couple of tries up through about 10 tries to get a successful login. I had to go to MLS to get the IOS sheets so the kids could do password recovery because I couldn't log onto LCR.

My belief is that the problem is on the server end at church headquarters but I need to verify before complaining so I know for sure who to complain to. There are a number of reasons to think this. 1. In May after stake conference I stopped at the church on the way home and was having that problem when I was the only one in the building and the only car in the parking lot at about 11:40 in the morning 2. All other websites I have access to seem to work fine even when doing semi data intensive things. 3. Back before we lost the usage statistics on technology manager we rarely flatlined at the peak rate. Attendance is down for the summer so it is unlikely we are suddenly needing more data.

The plan is to get the problem happening next Sun.(there are sundays it isn't a problem) Turn off the APs to see if that changes anything.(guessing it won't) That should verify if it is a building bandwidth problem. If that doesn't help try a laptop using a cell phone as a hotspot. That should let us check if it is an internet service provider bottleneck.

Is there anything else I need to do???

I am ward clerk, executive sectary and stake assistant technology specialist so I have access from both ends and I have physical access to all the hardware. After many months of this I am getting very frustrated with this. Mostly I can move my work load to other parts of the day but there are things I really need to do during block and just after the block at times.
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Re: identifying problems


Post by russellhltn »

jirp wrote:eventually the message website down for maintenance appears.
Assuming you're talking about the page with the church logo (and not a message from your browser), that page appears when the church network (at the data center) detects the servers are taking too long to respond. That points to problems at the head end, not the local network.

You might also want to test logging in using moble data. That would skip the local network entirely.

I'm not sure how data for is routed from the local building. It's possible it might be routed though the VPN and it's the VPN that's overloading. The expected syptom for that is moble data works fine, but the building network fails even when lightly loaded.

Something you might want to check is to make sure the system is assigning you a 192.168.x.x IP. 10.x.x.x IPs are for special things like Family History Centers.
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Re: identifying problems


Post by drepouille »

I also could not access LCR during Sunday School today. I even unplugged the wireless adapters from the firewall, leaving only me connected to the firewall, and I still got the "down for maintenance" page. So I figured it was the church servers that were overloaded. I hope they get this fixed before we being trying to use LCR for deposits and checks.
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Re: identifying problems


Post by lajackson »

drepouille wrote:I figured it was the church servers that were overloaded.
They were. Semiannual audits are in progress right now. Guess how many stake auditors hit the Church servers midday Sunday and called to ask me if they were really down for maintenance? Guess how many stake auditors are going back later this week to complete their audits? (Hint: the answer is the same to both questions.)
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Re: identifying problems


Post by nmecantwin73 »

jirp wrote:Is there anything else I need to do??? sites did go down yesterday starting around 10:30am Mountain Time. It is not a localized issue to your building(s), so you should not have to do anything.
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Re: identifying problems


Post by RyanGard1977 »

Yup, same issue- Many church sites & apps the past few Sundays have not been accessible during a good portion of the day (USA) :(
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