New Experience Notebook doesn't capture article details

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New Experience Notebook doesn't capture article details


Post by mevans »

I noticed that with the "New Experience" notes ( that the notes frequently don't capture the article title from which I took the note. They capture the scripture reference, but not things such as General Conference talk titles. I can click on the note and it takes me to the article, but it doesn't show me the title.

If it look at the old notes (, it does give me the title of the talk or article.

And it seems inconsistent. I'd have to experiment more. In some cases, I do see conference talk titles.
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Re: New Experience Notebook doesn't capture article details


Post by sbradshaw »

I wonder if the inconsistent behavior has to do with where in the talk you're highlighting (title or header, vs. body paragraph)? Or, is it a difference of annotations created on vs. annotations synced from Android or iOS? Does it show any text at all where the title should be, or an empty space, or is the whole line missing where the title normally is? Does it make a difference which tab you're on in the left column (All, Tags, Notebooks)?
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