Xerox Phaser 3250

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Xerox Phaser 3250


Post by kevmor »

I've just started this calling and in our Family History Center we have a Xerox Phaser 3250. I'm trying to add it to some computers running Ubuntu, but it seems to have a password on the printer that's required in order to set up the printer/driver on each computer. Looking online I've found the 1111 default password but it doesn't seem to work. Is there a way to reset this back to the default? The manual for the printer seems to be lacking info on this. I have a few more things to try (power cycling the printer as I heard it will lock you out possibly after failed attempts) or maybe try and see if I can access it via it's IP using a web browser. It seems like you need a Windows tool in order to change it's settings? It also doesn't have any menu system on the printer itself but if you do a test page it will print a menu map?
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Re: Xerox Phaser 3250


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Interesting. Xerox is used in the clerk's offices, but as far as I know, FHCs are all Lexmark.

Since you just started this calling, you probably should look over the Meetinghouse Technology Policy as well as the relivant parts of the Family History Center Operations Guide. It appears that not only is your setup non-standard, but so is your goal.

Note that the number of computers the Family History Department sends your FHC is dependent on the usage reported by your existing machines. So, adding computers that do not have the monitoring software will lower your stats and hurt you in the long run.

Of course, I'm assuming this is an official FHC. Those are units unto themselves that are created by church headquarters. Sometimes leaders think they can establish a FHC on their own by providing space and a few computers. It doesn't quite work that way. Those types of operations will not have access to the same resources as an official FHC.
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