LDS Music android Galaxy S9+

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LDS Music android Galaxy S9+


Post by wrdrmn »

My LDS music App will not open on my Samsung Galaxy S9+. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling it multiple times. I see the app splash screen then it shuts down and I get a box that says " LDS Music has stopped" Close App or Sebd feedback.

Any thoughts?
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Re: LDS Music android Galaxy S9+


Post by sbradshaw »

Are you running low on space on your phone? Do you have a good internet connection, or have you tried opening the app on a different internet connection? (The app checks for content updates on startup.) Is the app installed on an SD card, or just on your regular phone storage.

EDIT: It looks like you have several apps on your phone that are out of date, which is likely the cause of the problem. Do you have any updates listed in the Google Play Store? The latest version of "LDS Music" should show as "Sacred Music", "LDS Tools" is now "Member Tools", and the icon on your screen for Gospel Library is a few versions out of date.
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Re: LDS Music android Galaxy S9+


Post by annagent »

I experienced the same issues and yes, my Galaxy J7 is running of out room... as an 'older phone' it only has 16 gig of on board space.... I had to methodically go through all of my apps and make sure to move any which would allow storage to be moved to my external SD card... not all apps allow this. Next thing I did was I had to remove apps that were never used/useless to me, Third, whenever I have a crashing issue, I went through as many apps as I could and I deleted the Cache to help free up space. Then the related app (once Music was the issue, the other time it was the Library app that gave me fits as well) would finally work. the Choir app has NEVER worked correctly even with its most recent update it still is buggy, I finally had to just remove that one completely! Someday I'll be able to get a newer phone. Until then, I have to simply 'deal with it" on the fly.

I say all this, because I heavily depend upon the Music app to work every Sunday. I'm the Music Chairman & Director, we need the app for our Sacrament meetings as we do not have anyone to play the Organ/Piano. I've got it set up so I can plug my phone into the Sound System, always remembering to mute my notification and turn off the phone ringer... and we have music for our branch. I wish now we could get a dedicated tablet just for our music and then when my phone goes dead, we will still have music for Sunday!
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