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LDS Messenger App


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Our quorum has used an app like GroupMe to allow us to collaborate in real time on Ward efforts and projects as well as general announcements. It works great, but not all members are so inclined to use it and requires us to keep promoting it and getting new members moving in to download and use.

QUESTION: Anyone know if there are any plans to either incorporate a messaging function within one of the Church's existing apps (LDS Tools) or perhaps just a separate app altogether....LDS Messenger?

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Re: LDS Messenger App


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It's hard to get people to install an app that they will only use periodically and for one thing. If a member only uses GroupMe for ward communications, the value proposition for downloading it isn't very high. Similarly, a separate "LDS Messenger" app would have a hard time getting off the ground because only some wards would use it, so anyone who moved in would have to be convinced to install it. If the Church were to implement messaging, LDS Tools seems like the place to put it. You would also want members to be able to choose how to receive messages (text, email, LDS Tools), since even installing LDS Tools may be a stretch for some members.
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