An experiment that worked very well

Using the Church Webcasting System, YouTube, etc. Including cameras and mixers.
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An experiment that worked very well


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Just thought I'd post a note to mention something we tried this conference that made our webcast a little easier. We used a MIDI controller to control both video sources as well as volume. I have to admit that this seems like a small tweak on top of our system, but it worked and actually allowed faster response to audio issues during conference.

We've been using two IP cameras and a 4 input USB audio box (Tascam) with a PC running vMix. vMix is a video/audio mixer that also streams to the webcast provider. We use Sunday Streams, but Youtube Live also works. You can use the church system but it's limited to 720P where the others are giving us 1080P.

We set the MIDI controller (Akai LPD8) up to control the master volume output and the pulpit, organ, ambient, and wireless mic input levels. We used the controller pads to select video source from one of the two cameras, and build macros to automatically set some volumes when switching scenes. For instance, we could Solo the pulpit mic when switching to the forward camera.

This allowed direct access to volume controls by both operators instead of having to rely on the person with the mouse to carefully tweak the volume. Much better control and access. The software worked seamlessly with the controller box.

Not huge, but something that some of you that are running PCs with Wirecast, vMix, or OBS might find useful. The Akai cost $39.

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