LCR 4.4.13 release notes (also 4.4.12 and 4.4.11)

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LCR 4.4.13 release notes (also 4.4.12 and 4.4.11)


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LCR 4.4.13 was released today. Here is what has transpired since LCR 4.4.10. (LCR 4.4.10 is the last version of the release notes currently in Help Center and the last notes posted here.)

LCR 4.4.13
  • Fixed an issue preventing 15-year-old priests from being recorded as the officiator of a baptism
  • Fixed an issue causing the stake Membership Audit report to show a subsequent audit as late even though a previous audit was submitted before June 30
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Cancel Recommend link from working for mission presidents
  • Enhanced attendance rolls by
    • Only displaying relevant weeks (i.e., 1st/3rd for SS classes and 2nd/4th for priesthood and RS classes)
    • Moving the checkboxes to the left side of the names which makes it easier to match a person with the week they attended
LCR 4.4.12
  • Fixed an issue causing the Full-Time Missionaries page to error out for some units
  • Updated the “Overdue Aaronic Priesthood Ordinations” section of the Action and interview List to include 11, 13, and 15-year-olds now eligible for ordination
  • Updated the logic used for primary and Aaronic Priesthood certificates to include those who are now eligible
  • Fixed an issue causing some members with a 31 December birthday to appear on the wrong attendance roll
LCR 4.4.11
  • Fixed an issue causing some members to appear on more than one attendance roll
  • Fixed an issue preventing a husband and wife from being assigned as ministering companions
  • Fixed an issue preventing previous quarter ministering information from displaying correctly in some units
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