Men serving in nursery

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Men serving in nursery


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Several wards in our Stake have only men serving in the nursery. When studying the nursery manual and handbook there is still a question if this is permissible. Should a woman be in nursery at all times? The available guidelines are as follows -

Men serving in Nursery

Behold Your Little Ones: Nursery Manual (Introduction – Nursery Leaders)

“At least two people (a nursery leader and an assistant nursery leader) should be called for each nursery class. If the nursery leaders are not husband and wife, they should be of the same gender. The nursery leaders should work together during the entire nursery class to ensure the safety and well-being of the children.”

11.8.1 – Handbook 2 (last two sentences)

Men Serving in Primary

“Men may serve as teachers, music leaders, pianists, activity days leaders, and Scout leaders. They may also assist in the nursery.”
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Re: Men serving in nursery


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Two men, two women, or a married couple could be called to serve as the nursery leaders. There must always be two (or more) leaders.
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