Sending to Sao Paulo de Fora Mission

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Sending to Sao Paulo de Fora Mission


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We have a grandson serving in the above Brazil Mission field. We have repeatedly tried to get packages to him for Birthday and Christmas. These packages get to the area , are marked that noone has picked them up and then are sent back. We have heard that there is some kind of tariff on this mail. Quite a sum of money is required for the release of this package to the addressee. It is impossible for the recipient to pay the sum and also the Mission is without funds to help. This needs to be looked into for the sake of the Missionary. We would like to acknowledge our love and concern for him, especially on special days. We do not pack drugs or anything that is worth any resale, just ordinary presents like jam and pnut butter, T shirts and maybe a Santa Hat for teasing the children. Please look into this matter and tell us what we can ship that the Missionary will receive!!! [personal information removed - this is a public forum] Anxious Grandma, Father, Mother and little brothers waiting your reply
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Re: Sending to Sao Paulo de Fora Mission


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Normally, a message such as this would be declined as it's outside of the scope of the forum. Nor is it a way to get the attention of church officials. But in this case, I'm hopeful that forum members might have experience in how to deal with the situation.

A quick web search turned up this page, which gives some guidelines. Clearly, there's some paperwork involved here. How that paperwork is filled out greatly affects the outcome.

My only other suggestion is to write to the mission to ask what's the best way to send packages.
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