Moving annotations in a notebook

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Moving annotations in a notebook


Post by benprall »

In the web based study tools I used to be able to arrange annotations in any order. I would then write additional notes within the annotation and then order them to prepare talks and lesson. I found this very helpful. I don't seem to be able to do that now in the web based version and it is very cumbersome in the android version. I am also finding that if I move the annotations in the android app the order doesn't translate to the web based version. The web based seems to stay in order by date with no ability to change it.

Does anyone know if moving annotations in the web based version is possible and, if so, how do you do it?
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Re: Moving annotations in a notebook


Post by sbradshaw »

It's not currently possible at I'd recommend sending it as feedback using the Feedback link at the bottom of the Notes page. I imagine it's on their to-do list (because of feature parity between the various platforms), but hasn't been prioritized yet, so expressing interest may bring it to the attention of those who make decisions about the study tools.
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