Audio scriptures

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Audio scriptures


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Audio scriptures
I'm a sorry. I'm completely frustrated by now. For three years I have not been able to listen to the Scriptures on my tablet. I cannot talk to anyone I dabble around in this index. I am handicapped now, I have Parkinson's disease, therefore I cannot use my eyes to track and read the Scriptures like I'm used to. I also cannot use my hands very well to poke at my tablet. So for three years I have not been able to read my scriptures. Conveniently I have no way to contact you now and ask why my tablet is not responding the way it used to. There is no control bar that lets me play or go back or go forward as your help topics have indicated should be there. I have my cookies enabled. All I see is the symbol for the headphones and when I push that it does it does not play. Something about this Program app has changed. I need help.
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Re: Audio scriptures


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Hi! The headphones icon is visible when you're scrolled to the top of a chapter.
When you tap the headphones icon, it should open the audio player at the bottom of the screen.
After opening the audio player, you can press the Play button on the audio player to start listening.

If you haven't already, you could also try pressing the volume buttons on the side of the device to make sure that the volume is up.

It's hard to know what to suggest since I can't see your screen, but I hope that helps. If you're able to get in contact with someone in your ward, they might be able to help more easily.
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