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Access Denied


Post by nielstev »

I am an Elder's Quorum President. I recently called a new Secretary and entered him in as Elders Quorum Secretary in Tools. He show that calling in Tools, but cannot access LCR. The only answer I see in searching this forum is wait 24 hours. Well, its been over a month and he still cant access it. I see no opportunity to call a live person, so can anyone give me a suggestion????
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Re: Access Denied


Post by russellhltn »

Make sure he's in a "standard position" not a "custom position". If you had to type in his calling instead of selecting from a list, it's a custom position.

Also, be sure you've calling the right person (fathers and sons can have confusingly similar names).

If that doesn't work, send him to the clerk to verify his position, and to make sure the MRN on his LDS Account matches the MRN on his membership record (there's no 'joint' husband and wife LDS Accounts).
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Re: Access Denied


Post by scgallafent »

I can see that you entered the calling in February and it has been entered correctly. That means it is probably an issue with the LDS Account.

Have the secretary go to and log in. That should land him on the LDS Account page with membership information. He should check to see if his membership record number and birth date are correct there. If the membership record number and birth date aren't there or aren't correct, he needs to use the correct account. If that is the case, here is the link with instructions for what to do when his MRN is associated with a different account.

If he's using the correct account, he should see his calling listed in the Callings list on the LDS Account membership page. If he is using the correct account and the calling isn't listed there, something is broken. You could try removing and adding the calling again to force the systems to resync or you could have your clerk contact the GSC for assistance.

If the calling is listed on the LDS Account page, he should be able to log in. The next thing to look at would be how he is trying to get into LCR.
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