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Slow Scriptures


Post by toddhopkinson »

What happened to the scriptures at (now!?

I don't know how to express this politely but this user experience is almost unforgivable due to the delay every time one clicks either another book (from the side nav) or any footnote link. Using the scripture online now feels like moving in super-slow-motion.

Whether on Safari, Chrome (on my apple laptop) or on Safari on my iPad, it is pain-inducing (certainly frustrating) to experience this delay every single time I click a footnote half-wondering if the tap or click even registered until finally the footnote slides into view sometimes multiple seconds later!

Until this is fixed I think we should get old scriptures back. This isn't acceptable in my view... especially not with the scriptures. On my desktop machine (maxed out mac laptop running safari) it feels near-broken, truly. I'm upset, sorry, but these are the scriptures. The experience from those old cd disks version of the scriptures from long long ago were far far superior to this very frustrating version.

I hope work is underway to fix this. I apologize if this has been addressed in other posts, but a search for "slow scriptures" didn't show any awareness of these issues.
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Re: Slow Scriptures


Post by mevans »

I agree this is very painful - especially compared to the old scriptures where it was usually pretty quick. I guess I've been focused on providing feedback on the user interface problems and haven't focused on performance.

I suggest you submit Feedback (left panel of the gospel library - scroll it all the way to the bottom and click on Feedback) about the performance issues. They're probably tired of hearing from me ;)
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Re: Slow Scriptures


Post by marileeaustin »

I also struggle with this issue. I like to use my desktop computer (Windows 10) for study and making notes but it's almost impossible. Every click takes about 6 seconds or longer. I often get "Page not found" errors when changing pages but it finally appears if I just wait for a while. I don't have this problem on my phone though it's harder to type longer notes this way.
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Re: Slow Scriptures


Post by GayleRandall »

I have this same issue--huge lag times after clicking.
I seem to remember a Church News article encouraging us to use the electronic scriptures. I love having all of my notes available on any device I choose to use, but the lag times make it impossible for me to make the progress I would like when studying my scriptures. I may have to go back to paper, even though I had high hopes for the electronic ones.

Is there something that can be done? This morning when I studied I kept getting the "Page unresponsive" notification. If I waited a few seconds, it would disappear, but I am counting 10-15 seconds between clicks sometimes. That is excruciating. Please help!
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Re: Slow Scriptures


Post by russellhltn »

GayleRandall wrote:I have this same issue--huge lag times after clicking.
As a test, you might want to try incognito mode. If that speeds things up, then you need to clear your browser of cookies. Church websites have problems with stale cookies and the problems can show up in odd ways.
Have you searched the Help Center? Try doing a Google search and adding "" to the search criteria.

So we can better help you, please edit your Profile to include your general location.
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Re: Slow Scriptures


Post by mevacor19 »

I agree 100%. This has been true for me on four different browsers: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. But speed is not the only problem. It is not uncommon for me to mark a scripture, write a note, and save it, only to find that a portion or all of my note has disappeared and I have to write it over again, and some of my notes are pretty long. That is always fun!

I do not believe it is a cookies issue, but I believe it is a gross inadequacy of server power or a poorly written program, and most likely a problem with both. It is clearly occurring on the server side and not due to internet speed (I have over 300 MBS), or at the individual computer terminals. If it were a cookie problem, clearing the cookies would solve the problem, which it doesn't. The interesting thing is that it doesn't happen with the apps, either on a phone or on a tablet, but in my opinion, a desktop is much faster to do all things we do with scriptures, that is if there wasn't a problem with the program. Please have someone with some serious experience and expertise look into this. It is a huge annoyance. It probably takes me 5 times longer to prepare a lesson than it should.
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