Melchizedek ordination date for High Priest

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Melchizedek ordination date for High Priest


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On the member record for someone ordained as a High Priest how do we look up the date that they received the Melchizedek priesthood as the record only shows the High Priest ordination date? I am trying to fix a membership audit issue where the concern is the endowment date is before Melchizedek ordination date.
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Re: Melchizedek ordination date for High Priest


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The ordinance page in LCR should show both the ordination to Elder and the ordination to High Priest. If it only shows High Priest then the ordination to Elder was not recorded. If so, you'll need to follow the policy for invalid ordinances in Handbook 1 section Once you have the necessary proof of ordination the stake will need to record the ordination to Elder (the ward can't record or correct a Melchizedek priesthood ordination). Presumably that will fix the audit issue.
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