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Donation - Budget Other Category


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We created an Other - YW Camp as a subcategory within the YW budget. When we mark the donation as Other - YW Camp, the tithing report still states it as YW Budget. During the audit we were questioned why we weren't putting the donation into the Other - YW Camp subcategory. Does the tithing report only display the main budget category or can it display subcategories also. From what I am seeing, it is only showing the main budget category which is confusing to the auditors and throws an exception. Anyone else seen this using budget subcategories?
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Re: Donation - Budget Other Category


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You shouldn't put donations in to a budget category unless it's actually a refund or return from a previous budget expense.

For donations for YW camp you need to create a category under the 'Other::Authorized Member Financed Activities" category and use that.

However, when looking at the donation batch report, it sometimes shows the full sub-category and sometimes just shows the "Other::Authorized Member Financed Activities" label. I think it depends on the length of the full name.
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