Gospel Library won't play media shown.

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Gospel Library won't play media shown.


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I've been having this problem with gospel library when listening to General Conference talks. I can listen to the first talk I want to listen to after starting up gospel library, and then when I move to the next talk, the media doesn't move with it. It sticks with the previous talk.

For example:

I listened to "Good Shepherd, Lamb of God," and when I finished, I clicked the arrow to "Prepare Every Needful Thing," and the media is still showing "Good Shepherd, Lamb of God," and won't play the next talk unless I completely close the program and re-open it. I've included a picture, please look at the circled area.

This is just with my desktop windows app though, my mobile app does not do this.

How do I get it to play the next talk without having to completely close and re-open the app again? Is it possible that this is a bug and should be fixed?
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