Tithing discrepancy - overpayment

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Tithing discrepancy - overpayment


Post by cchang »

If a member indicates they wanted $50 into the tithing fund but put in $70 cash in the envelope, how should we handle the overpayment if the member left already for that day and we could not contact her for verification? Would it be better to deposit the entire $70 cash into tithing and then refund later if needed so that we don’t have to hold on to the extra cash until the following week? My first thought was to always only deposit exactly what is stated in the tithing slip even though more than likely the member will want all of the $70 into tithing and we shouldn’t assume that too. Is it better to deposit all the $70 cash rather than have the Bishop hold it or deposit exactly what is stated on the tithing slip?
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Re: Tithing discrepancy - overpayment


Post by drepouille »

Two persons—a member of the bishopric and a clerk, or two members of the bishopric—open each envelope together to verify that the funds enclosed are the same as the amount written on the Tithing and Other Offerings form. If the funds and the written amount differ, the contributor should be contacted as soon as possible to resolve the difference.
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Re: Tithing discrepancy - overpayment


Post by scgallafent »

If you cannot contact the donor, the category with the largest amount should be adjusted. See https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/help/support/verifying-donations.
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Re: Tithing discrepancy - overpayment


Post by eblood66 »

Note that in addition to the policy that scgellafent linked to, you cannot refund the donation later. You can, however, adjust the categories if the donor wants the additional amount in a different category once you are able to contact them.
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Re: Tithing discrepancy - overpayment


Post by russellhltn »

Which still leaves open the issue if the member accidentally put an extra $20 in the envelope. If you deposit it, you can't refund it. All you can do is tell them they don't have to pay as much next month. But that doesn't help them with this month's bills.

The only other option I see is to hand the whole thing over to the bishop for safe keeping until the member can be contacted. Not ideal, but it's not much different than if someone mailed it to the bishop.
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Re: Tithing discrepancy - overpayment


Post by BrianEdwards »

The policy is quite clear, and most always I feel comfortable following the Procedures section of the "verifying-donations" link. However, I have had a few times where I felt uncomfortable making the adjustment, based on the over-payment amount and my understanding of the member's financial situation. In that case, we've done what russelhtln suggests, have the two members who opened the envelope, give it to the Branch President (me). And then I circle back the following Sunday, with those two members, so we all confirm what decision was made after contacting the donating member.

And of course, take advantage of the opportunity to encourage the member to use online donations :)
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