Baby blessings performed in outside ward

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Baby blessings performed in outside ward


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Hello all, I have a ward member traveling to her parents’ ward to perform a baby blessing, not by the father. I understand there is a form she should take to present to the bishop of the parents’ ward. Can someone tell me if this is true and if so, what form this is?

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Re: Baby blessings performed in outside ward


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If the person performing the ordinance is not a member of the ward where the ordinance is performed, the local leaders can ask him to show either his temple recommend or a form signed by his bishop giving assurance that he is worthy to perform the ordinance (Recommend to Perform an Ordinance).

However, I think you are probably referring to the "Create Record Form (seven or younger) ". This form is not needed to perform the ordinance. It is needed by the child's local ward clerk, since it gives him the permission of the parents to create a church record for the child. The form must be completed, signed, scanned, and uploaded when the record is created.
Dana Repouille, Plattsmouth, Nebraska
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