Primary Childrens Songbook filpchart app needed

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Primary Childrens Songbook filpchart app needed


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I am the primary chorister in my ward and I belong to a very large facebook group that discusses resources and idea for the calling. Most of the thousands of choristers on that page are using "flip charts" for their primary which are printed out pages with the words to the songs so the kids can learn the lyrics. I have found flip charts to be incredibly useful and from my experience most choristers agree and use them regularly. However, there isn't a great way for people in this calling to have a way to display the lyrics for the songs. Most people have to print out pages and pages of words big enough so the kids can all read them while they sing. I have a closet full of flip charts that have been handed down from chorister to chorister and I am constantly needing to print out pages for new songs requiring a lot of personal expense and enormous amounts of paper.

There are a few sing along apps where choristers can put a video up and have he kids sing along, but that is not what is needed in many cases. In situations where there is no pianist and limited ward/branch resources a sing along app is useful. However, in a ward where there is a primary pianist the chorister simply needs the words displayed large without a "bouncing ball" effect. Typically flip charts have one or two lines per page with a picture to assist those that can't read yet. The chorister just needs to be able to display one page at a time an then flip to the next one quickly.

The church provides so many great resources for all sorts of callings in the ward, but I feel like this calling is under served. It is such an important primary calling, but all we're given are a list of suggested songs and a song book. No real materials for how to teach the songs. This is a huge hole that I'm hoping can be filled by either the church or someone who can develop this app on their own.
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