Ancestry account not allowing access to search results

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Ancestry account not allowing access to search results


Post by Andrewjgold »


I have been utilizing Ancestry regularly (every day) for the last few months. It has been a wonderful resource for me. 24 hours ago, I could no longer access the majority of search results without receiving a message stating that I needed to sign up for a "U.S. Discovery membership to view this record. BEST VALUE - SAVE $206 months - $99".

I then disconnected my familysearch account from Ancestry, logged out, and reconnected it but to no avail. I've been able to access 95% of records without a problem up to this point. I hadn't made any changes to my Ancestry or FamilySearch accounts to prompt this change. When I checked my subscriptions on Ancestry, it still states that I have the Church of Jesus Christ-Ancestry Membership.

I've attached a screenshot. It seems to limit me to viewing "hints" for each person without the additional US Discovery Membership. In order to further test, I selected the $24/month option for a US Discovery membership but the link did not work (I imagine because I have a Church of Jesus Christ-Ancestry Membership) and I found that the problem continued to persist.

Has anyone else seen this problem? I'd love to solve it as it has limited my research considerably.

Thank you much! Andrew
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Re: Ancestry account not allowing access to search results


Post by jwthomasbennion »

Ancestry is accusing Chrome of a new bug, that affects how they access cookies & stored cache data. They say if you try Firefox, the problem goes away. But turns out the best fix is to completely flush out all Chrome cookies & cache data, then reboot. Unfortunately you will lose any passwords that Chrome was saving for you. But its best not to depend on Chrome for passwords anyway. See ... 794364514/
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