Electronic scriptures - what is going on?

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Electronic scriptures - what is going on?

Postby Angelworks-p40 » Sun Aug 30, 2009 12:28 pm

I have a HP-IPAQ 211 handheld and I thought it would be nice to put the scriptures on it. I installed the ms-reader, but was surprised that I couldn't find the "ebook" for the Book of Mormon (or anything else) available on any church site (or if it is - its extremely hard to find).

Here is where I was looking:



I got kinda desperate - found the Book of Mormon on the Microsoft ebook site which took me to a link on Amazon.com to purchase a copy of it for 15 dollars.

After searching around on google I found honestly it was easier to download a free ebook copy of the Qur'an than the Book of Mormon - that doesn't seem right.

Anyone know what happened to them?

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Postby RossEvans » Sun Aug 30, 2009 1:48 pm

Isn't that a Windows Mobile device?

You might want to try the YanCEyWare Reader, for which a huge library of church content is available. The YanCEyWare format, also supported by some other developers, may offer the largest selection of LDS books and periodicals.

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Postby Mikerowaved » Sun Aug 30, 2009 1:50 pm

I agree with boomerbubba. If you read THIS POST I wrote a while back, you'll see I also chose the YanCEyWare reader for my iPAQ and I'm still using it on my Samsung BlackJack II smartphone. The amount of free books, magazines, and publications available for it (LDS and otherwise) is staggering. And yes, a full set of scriptures and topical guides are certainly included in that list.

I don't know the reason why the Church does not publish the Book of Mormon on it's handheld website. If memory serves me, they USED to make a full set of scriptures available for download for their various readers, but maybe I was mistaken. (Old age. :o) It may have to do with copyright issues and free distribution, but seriously, I haven't a clue.
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Postby lajackson » Sun Aug 30, 2009 3:15 pm

Mikerowaved wrote:I don't know the reason why the Church does not publish the Book of Mormon on it's handheld website. If memory serves me, they USED to make a full set of scriptures available for download . . .

The Church no longer supports the EZ Reader, which was the only reader that supports the official handheld version of the scriptures.

The EZ Reader Archives are still available, however. And the complete set of scriptures, including the Book of Mormon, is still available to download through those archives.

Many of the basic Church curriculum materials are also still there for downloading. Sadly, the site has not been updated in years. And there is no plan to do so, as the site specifies.

If you lose the link, you can get to it again by going to LDS.org / Gospel Library / Media Formats . . . (PDA) / Handheld (PDA). The EZ Reader Archives link is at the bottom of the page.

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Postby Angelworks-p40 » Thu Sep 10, 2009 11:37 am

The iPaq is a windows mobile device - its kinda dated it seems. I thought maybe I could get the scriptures easier on my N97 (Symbian S60 r5). I can browse the web with it, but alas - no real good signal at church.

Do you know if there is a reader for the scriptures that works on S60 r5?

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Postby carljokl » Thu Sep 10, 2009 1:25 pm

If I can get a working JavaME reader working it could cover a lot of devices not currently served by any existing reader.
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Postby Angelworks-p40 » Fri Sep 11, 2009 12:24 pm

Yeah a Java reader would be pretty cool - especially for S60 since it supports that.

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Electronic Scriptures and the Kindle

Postby ngrokh » Sun Jan 09, 2011 4:09 am

If you are a Kindle user like myself, here is another alternative. Go to http://lds.org/gospellibrary/pdfindex/0,7777,579-1,00.html and download the scriptures in a PDF format. After uploading it to your computer, you can then send it to your Kindle account's email in the following format "username"@free.kindle.com and "Convert" in the subject line. You can send up to 25 documents at a time each not exceeding 50 KB. Amazon will send a reply in a few minutes telling you that your PDF document has been converted and is ready for uploading on your Kindle. You can either upload the converted document directly to your Kindle or upload to your PC then use a USB transfer to your kindle from your PC. I'm pasting some more information that Amazon sent me about sending files for conversion -

The Kindle Personal Document Service can convert and deliver the following types of documents:
Microsoft Word (.doc)
Rich Text Format (.rtf)
HTML (.htm, .html)
Text (.txt) documents
Archived documents (zip , x-zip) and compressed archived documents
Mobi book

Images that are of type JPEGs (.jpg), GIFs (.gif), Bitmaps (.bmp), and PNG images (.png).
Adobe PDF (.pdf) documents are delivered without conversion to Kindle DX, Second Generation and Latest Generation Kindles.

The following document types are converted and delivered on an experimental basis:
Microsoft Word 11 (.docx)
Adobe PDF (.pdf) for First Generation Kindles

If the document(s) that failed belonged to one of the above document types, please ensure the document is not password protected or encrypted. Note that the Latest Generation Kindles support password protected PDFs.

Helpful tips for personal document attachments:
The file size of each attached personal document should be less than 50MB (before compression in a ZIP file)
The email submitted should not contain more than 25 attached personal documents

You can learn more about transferring personal documents to your Kindle in our help pages:

If you would like immediate assistance, please contact customer support at +1-866-321-8851 (US customers) or +1-206-266-0927 (International Customers).

If you have further questions about Kindle, please visit the Amazon Kindle Help pages
The Help pages will provide you with answers to common questions and provide you with a direct link to Amazon Kindle specialists.

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LDS Scriptures for Mobipocket

Postby ERusstbucket » Mon Feb 07, 2011 10:27 pm

If your e-reader/PDA/whatever-it-is-you've-got is supported by Mobipocket, then you can get the scriptures at http://www.ldspocket.com/freedownload.html

Download the exe that corresponds to your device--running it will install Mobipocket and the scriptures.

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