LDS Tools Texting - Lists not working

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LDS Tools Texting - Lists not working


Post by larsen01 »

I recently tried to use LDS tools to create and send a group text to my elders quorum members - maybe 65 people. I created a list, then selected the list, and attempted to send out a text to the group and no one got it. I suspect there may be a capacity on the number of text recipients. I don't know , but this it is also dissapointing that it did not inform me that the text was not successful. So if i am missing in LDS tools let me know. please.

Otherwise. I'm looking for some app that has the following characteristics - because I can't see that LDS tools offers this - or does it?

- I can send a text message to people in a group (strongly prefer it to be a text message, not e.g. a Hangouts message), ideally more than 20 people.
- This message is sent directly to their phone (like SMS) and doesn't require anyone beyond the quorum presidency to download an app
- Those who receive the message can’t “reply all” and text everyone I sent the text to
- Those who receive the message an reply to the message to contact the EQ leaders (and just us)
- The entire EQ presidency would have access and permissions to send a message
- Allows us to easily make and maintain a group so we don’t have to enter everybody’s phone numbers every time, but also easy to modify the group
- Is free

Is there any available messaging platform that matches the above criteria? I tried messing with LDS tools and it doesn't seem to wri
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Re: LDS Tools Texting - Lists not working


Post by russellhltn »

What you may have run into is that your wireless provider limited the number of recipients. Nothing Member Tools can do about that - or know about in advance.

Odds are, you'd have to enter everyone's phone number into this app - something that could be questionable. Read the Terms of Service very carefully. It may require you to have permission from each recipient before adding them.
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