Deceased child gone from ward records

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Deceased child gone from ward records


Post by lbhenry37 »

We have a daughter who passed away and shortly after, I happened to be looking at our family directory information and was deeply saddened to find that her information had been removed (She was blessed and had records during her life). I even asked our new bishop if there was any record of her when he received our records and he said there was not.

I understand there may be reasons. She's not part of ward logistics anymore and the records are for ward use. But the directory record is also where ward members often go to gather initial information about new families. Anyone who looks up our family thinks we are childless which is an incorrect view of our family. It also feels like one more way that she's not part of our family anymore. In talking with others, I found agreement that having their child or spouse removed from their family record, even after an "appropriate" amount of time, has caused undue sadness and pain.

If I could choose I would want her name, picture, and info there with (deceased) next to her name. Ministering members (or any member) could know about her before asking questions that could cause sadness or embarrassment. I understand that some may feel differently so maybe the family can choose wether or not to keep their family member as part of their family record.

I know this doesn't change the reality. That she IS part of our family eternally but I would just appreciate it if our church records reflected that. It just breaks my heart that there's no ward level record of her existence as part of our family.
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Re: Deceased child gone from ward records


Post by rmrichesjr »

First, I'm sorry about your daughter's passing. Please discuss your concerns with your bishop. Also, I would suggest having your ward clerk print up your household's Individual Ordinance Summaries to make sure everything that shows up on those reports is accurately recorded.

A quick search of the new General Handbook did not find specific instructions for membership records when a member graduates from mortality. However, as a ward membership clerk I have been instructed to record the deaths of a few ward members. Once I have done that, that member no longer shows up in the directory. It is my understanding that that is how the record keeping system is intended to work.
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Re: Deceased child gone from ward records


Post by lajackson »

All of our children have grown up and moved away from home, so members do not know how many children we have unless they ask. But all of them are listed on my membership record. They just do not show up in the ward directory.
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