Quarterly report: how to report during COVID-19

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Quarterly report: how to report during COVID-19


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I am in Washington state and thanks to COVID-19 we haven't held any mtgs for a couple weeks, and it may be several more before we do.

Has anyone seen guidance about what to do with the quarterly report in this circumstance? We may have no meetings to report for a significant portion of the quarter.

I have learned that we report 0s for sacrament mtg. attendance during this time. But there is still the larger question of the report as a whole. If we have no church for a significant portion of the quarter, I wonder if there is anything special we need to do, or if they will call a mulligan on this quarter and use last quarter for budget allocations.
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Re: Quarterly report: how to report during COVID-19


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See this link.


Zeros are not counted in the average.plus we've had January and for most of us Feb and some March.

I find it interestin we only began reporting every sacrament service attendance starting this past January, so we have some good numbers for this quarter.
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Re: Quarterly report: how to report during COVID-19


Post by russellhltn »

I'd just record zeros for now. The decision on the budget will be made at some other level and I'm sure we'll find out in due time.

It won't be until July that this quarter's numbers turn into budget. So, there's lots of time for the church to come out with a plan and make an announcement.
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