Ministering App?

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Ministering App?


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I'm looking for a calendar app that could help identify individual service opportunities similar to what does for organizations. In the midst of self-isolating for the Coronavirus, if I could enter a short grocery list, a willing shopper who lives near me and already has a grocery run planned, could help me out. We live in a rural area with low population of our Ward membership. Ministering assignments aren't necessarily organized by proximity. This type of calendar might cut down on wait times for both the minister and those in need. Some are hesitant to call a minister who lives 30 miles away just for a couple items or to help with washing dishes. Putting the need on a calendar would let all ministers know where the needs are and volunteer when and how they are able.
I'm looking at and as a possibility but wanted to check here first in case the Church has one that I've missed or if others are using something else?
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Re: Ministering App?


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I haven't heard of anything like that.

I'm not sure about the Apple App Store, but I know in Google Play Store, you can see all apps by "publisher". That will allow you to see all app by the church.
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