How Are Notes Tags & Highlights Saved?

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How Are Notes Tags & Highlights Saved?


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I had last year tried to use Windows to create tags, notes and highlights but that the system would get stuck. I waited to try it again this past month to see if the system would work. It appeared to work perfectly. I could highlight, create tags and notes and these would save. I found though this past time that the work that I had done in previous sessions was only showing work done the last time I had worked in the Notes. I again tried using the system and created notes, tags, and highlights. When I reviewed what I had done this past time I used it only the work I had done the last time was showing.

Summary - The system is creating notes, tags and highlights, but it does not seem to be saving them in totality. It seems that it is only saving what you are creating in your current session and is removing previous work created.

Question. Is this correct? Have I lost all the work that I have done in previous sessions or is is being saved in some location that I am not aware of? I have no interest in trying to use a mobile app because of the extensive work I desire to do with tags, notes and highlights. Does this mean that the Note System is not working with WIndows to actually save work? If this is the case I will stay with my notes on paper page system. Thank you so much for any feedback you can provide. I do appreciate all the work and effort the Church is doing to create tools, resources and materials to help with studying the Scriptures.
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Re: How Are Notes Tags & Highlights Saved?


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Assuming that you are on the most current version of Gospel Library for Windows (currently 5.1.1) you should be able to save notes, tags, highlights, etc. and have them synced with the church servers, provided you are successfully sign-in to the application with your Church Account. If you are having problems with these, please feel free to contact support directly using the email We can help you troubleshoot any issues you may be having.
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