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Tabernacle Choir -Sacred Music Library


Post by ezink »

I listen to the Sacred Music Library a LOT.. and usually all day Sundays.

But it stops frequently because every time it gets to an October 2015 Hymn it will not play. And then I have to come over to the computer and click the next non October 2015 Hymn.

So, the problem:

In the Sacred Music Library, the 31 Hymns from October 2015 General Conference will not play.
Also, the one December 2016 Hymn: "O Come, Little Children" will also not play.

This problem has existed for at least several months..

Please Fix this..

Thank you.
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Re: Tabernacle Choir -Sacred Music Library


Post by jdlessley »

ezink wrote:Please Fix this..
The forum is primarily user-to-user help and support. We can do nothing to correct the issue. To get feedback to those who can, submit feedback on any page with a feedback link at the bottom of the page. Be sure to identify the site and page where the issue is as well as a detailed description of the issue.
JD Lessley
Have you tried finding your answer on the Help Center?
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