Gospel Living App Crashing

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Gospel Living App Crashing


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Hello, we just got our daughter a new ipod and the gospel living app keeps crashing. We have talked to apple support and after much trouble shooting they say the fault must be with the app developer. It works fine on our two sons' new ipods it is just our daughter's that it doesn't work. When we download the app, it works until she signs in and the app requests permission to allow notifications then it immediately crashes. From then on the app will not even open. What do we do?
Our theory is it has something to do with notifications. When she was signed in to the app on my phone she set up reminders to help with her goals. She is the only one of the 3 kids that has done that. Also, after factory resetting the phone and re-downloading the app (which is the only way to get the app to reopen again, deleting the app and reinstalling does not work) we signed into my account and the app work fined. Once I signed out and she signed in it crashed again and would not reopen.
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Re: Gospel Living App Crashing


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Does she have her membership record number added to her Church Account, at Account.ChurchofJesusChrist.org > Membership? Is she able to see ward tools, like the Church directory or calendar, on the Church website or in the Member Tools app, under her account?
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