New Church Logo - Instructions and Informations

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New Church Logo - Instructions and Informations

Postby MorettiDP » Fri May 15, 2020 10:58 am

Dear friends,

Is there any way to find instructions for right and correct use of the new Church Logo and informations about the design and development around it? Trying to access, we receive only an "Access Denied" message. I think Visual Identity Office (VIO) at the Correlation Department mantain this site only as a closed resource to Church Workforce. Trying to find if any new update was made in this matter in relation to Church Signs at, no news are available and only the "old logo" instructions and designs are available there. In the same manner, no new versions of the Church Style Guide for Editors and Writers are available over the internet (the current 5th edition can be found at BYU Brand site at ... /?P=church).

Historicaly we all have understood the Church ideals and guidelines over their logo and the old generic public instructions about it and we understand too that the logo is a resource out of limits to use by local units, since all materials made to cross boundaries of internal Church departments (in special all of that who are going to be used "in the field") need to receive previous aprovals in the Correlation, the Publishing Services and the Communications departments and committees before going alive. But a controled/edited version of the Global Visual Style Guide and a way to download official high resolution images of the logo would be help and useful to "the field", or to local units, since we could have a number of rightous needs to create local made materials to identify Church activities, resources and presence. I could give two or three exemples: If a local unity are requested by a government agency to help some iniciatives to fight Covid-19 spread and a folder or flyer will be made to inform citizens, why the local unit involved could not use the Church logo in the partners logos box (like we can see in ... /sponsors/, for exemple)? Or if we need a document distributed in official letterhead and envelope, how could a local unit create it if Church don't print these materials outside of US and Canada (and it's only available in English, Spanish and French at Besides that, know the styles of materials officialy published by the Church could help members and leaders to discern more easily a material officialy approved and provided by the Church from some fake or forged document or media.

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Re: New Church Logo - Instructions and Informations

Postby russellhltn » Fri May 15, 2020 12:25 pm

I'd consult the General Handbook 38.8.11.

It gives instructions as well as the contact information if you feel it should be used in some project.

I highly doubt the new logo changes the rules in any way.
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Re: New Church Logo - Instructions and Informations

Postby lajackson » Fri May 15, 2020 3:05 pm

MorettiDP wrote:Is there any way to find instructions for right and correct use of the new Church Logo and informations about the design and development around it?

In addition to what russellhltn said, your area office will also be able to provide additional information on how to obtain and use the new symbol if authorized.

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