Newsletter via Send a message - body format

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Newsletter via Send a message - body format


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Our Ward Temple and Family History Leader has been working to send a monthly newsletter.

As the Elder Quorum Secretary I have been able to attach his newsletter in docx format and send it out. Searching and reading through threads in Leader and Clerk Resources I'm thinking a better format might be to have the attachment in pdf format as it is more likely to be able to be read by more of the Ward members.

What forms are required in the body of a 'send message'? Is it possible to paste a html newsletter into the body?

For the Quorum I've only used a simple text format without extensive formatting. All we typically wish to accomplish is get some information out to the members. In doing a newsletter; however, there is extensive use of image blocks (?) anyway he does a lot of fancy stuff way beyond a body of all text.

Suggestions appreciated.

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Re: Newsletter via Send a message - body format


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Send a Message was never intended to handle formatting that would be required for something like a newsletter.
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