Social Media Missionary Do's and Don'ts

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Social Media Missionary Do's and Don'ts


Post by hdavidfrey »

A slew of social media pages have been going up for different wards and stakes for missionary purposes. I'm in a calling that overseas a lot of this work that is just now, starting to come forth. In the handbook it says this... - Church-owned artwork, videos, music, and other materials should not be posted unless such use is clearly authorized by the “Terms of Use” page of an official Church website or by the Church’s Intellectual Property Office.

We are starting to take video clips of general conference talks and photos/graphics on and post them on social media missionary pages.

Are we allowed to do this?

What are the very specific guidelines for doing this?

For instance, here is a video we have posted online. As you'll see, we've put a header and captions on it with an outro specific to our area. ... sp=sharing

Is this type of video manipulation permissible?

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Re: Social Media Missionary Do's and Don'ts


Post by russellhltn »

There's no one here who can give definitive answers.

Reading Terms of Use (Updated 2018-09-01), I see:
"Any other use of information or materials found at this site, including any use by organizations or legal entities, is not permitted without our prior written permission."

There's other more permissive statements, but those apply to "individuals".

Given the alternation, I think it makes it more likely that permission needs to be obtained.

There's a link on that page to request permission.
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