First Presidency Letter Archive?

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First Presidency Letter Archive?


Post by stargirl18 »

Is there an easy way to find a list of all the letters that have been sent out by the First Presidency that were sent to the general membership of the church? For example, letters that are sent to church leaders to be read during sacrament meeting. What if you miss the sacrament meeting when it was read? How can you go back and review it?

Thank you!!
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Re: First Presidency Letter Archive?


Post by Mikerowaved »

I can't remember if is only available to specific callings or not. If you can't access it, a member of your bishopric can for you.

OK, I just read there that, "The documents in the list below are those that are authorized by your church calling." I recommend going there and see what your church account allows. It might include letters meant to be read in church.
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