Closing and Opening App does not return to current position

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Closing and Opening App does not return to current position


Post by lajackson »

The app was updated a long time ago to stay on and not turn off according to the device screensaver time limit. This has been very helpful when participating in lessons, giving talks, etc.

However, there are times when I wish to turn it off for a short time and then turn it on again to continue reading. Until this latest update, if I turned off the device and then turned it on again, it displayed the same location where I was when I turned it off. (This is not exiting the app. This is turning off the device and then turning it back on again.)

With the latest update, turning the device off and then back on causes the app to go back to the first location in the book I was at when I started reading. For example, if I started in Alma 32 and eventually moved to Alma 39, if I turn the device off and on the app will revert to the beginning of Alma 32. In fact, if I start at Alma 32 and read into the chapter, then turn the device off and back on, it does not return to the verse later in chapter 32. It reverts to the beginning of the chapter.

This is annoying.

Apparently the latest update does not keep track of current location. It only keeps track of starting location. This bug is probably related to the bookmark setting bug in another topic.

EDIT: This only happens when I go to a bookmark location. Turning the device off and back on returns to the location of the original bookmark I selected, and not the latest location. This points to the bookmark bug hijacking the current location marker.

If I go to a location without using a bookmark, then move around, the app stays in the same place if I turn the device off and back on, just as it did before the update.

Another EDIT: A bookmark will update within a chapter, but will not update if you are trying to move it to another chapter.
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