EFT Payment Request for Bishopric Member

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EFT Payment Request for Bishopric Member


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I have a councilor in the bishopric that would like to submit youth expense reimbursement via EFT. Payment Request Instructions for Organization Leaders, 7 January 2020 indicates that one does this through the Finance tab by clicking on Budget and the Payment Request. I am unable to find such a tab on the Budget page. Am I looking in the right place?
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Re: EFT Payment Request for Bishopric Member


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As a clerk when I look at that page I don't see the Payment Request tab either. But there is a drop down to the right of the tabs which starts saying 'Unit Leader/Clerk'. But it has each of the other organizations as options as well. If I select one of the organizations then it shows the Payment Request tab. The only categories that can be selected are the categories for that organization. So see if you have that drop down and then use the appropriate organization for the reimbursement.
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Re: EFT Payment Request for Bishopric Member


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The Help Doc "Payment Request Instructions for Organization Leaders" does indicate that Payment Requests are intended for "organization leaders", and as such only organizations selected from the drop-down have the corresponding Payment Request tab. I believe members of the Bishopric can submit Payment Requests against organization budgets this way, and are still supposed to submit Expenses for unit expenditures. However, our Branch Presidency continues to submit Expenses for everything.

I'd suggest searching the Forum for "Payment Request", there's been discussion about access privileges, as well as other aspects (Bishop approval, etc)
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